6 Dec 2017

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Welcome to the latest newsletter for Almost a Brain, a documentary in development about attempts to model the human brain in computers.

13 Sep 2017

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28 Jul 2017

In an excellent article, long-time tech journalist (and Internet Press Guild colleague) Wayne Rash explains how forthcoming quantum computers could render most computer security worthless. I won't go into the details — he does a great job at that. But in short, quantum computers can solve certain kinds of problems instantly.

10 Jul 2017

Biology and computer science intersect in two fascinating ways that, while sharing confusingly similar names, are actually quite different.


20 Jun 2017

For computers, beating the world's best chess player is much easier than knowing when to smile. Although we take such subtleties for granted, we know immediately when someone gets it wrong. Such errors affect our perceptions of "intelligence" -- and will, I think, be a fundamental issue in determining whether we see computer-modeled brains as conscious or human-like.


7 Jun 2017

In the quest to model the human brain in computers, the place of artificial intelligence is uncertain. On one hand, it's what comes to mind these days when you talk about computers that "think" and "learn" as people do. But as AI experts are tired of pointing out, not all AI techniques are accessible to human brains.


26 May 2017

I've been busy working on a 45-second "teaser trailer". Here's a 10-second sneak peek of just the tagline.



24 May 2017

I got the idea from "Almost a Brain" after learning that the world's top supercomputers are nearing the level of raw power in our brains — about a billion billion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) operations per second (an "exaflop"). I've since come to recognize that there's a lot more to brain modeling than power, but supercomputing still has a special place in my heart.