Insights: Artificial intelligence

Depiction of a neural network

In the quest to model the human brain in computers, the place of artificial intelligence is uncertain. On one hand, it's what comes to mind these days when you talk about computers that "think" and "learn" as people do. But as AI experts are tired of pointing out, not all AI techniques are accessible to human brains.


So I'm still not sure how much AI will show up in my upcoming documentary "Almost a Brain" ( Certainly AI is being used to understand the brain: Its ability to extract meaning from seemingly random data is one way neurologists make sense of the electrical storm that human thought creates. But is it how brain models will ultimately learn and generate output? That remains to be seen.


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(This post is the second in a series of four. The first, about supercomputing and quantum computing, is at Soon to come: insights from human behavior modeling and computational biology.)

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