Creating the "Almost a Brain" teaser

Screenshot from the "Almost a Brain" trailer

I've been busy working on a 45-second "teaser trailer". Here's a 10-second sneak peek of just the tagline.



This trailer is taking a lot longer than expected. Last night I realized why: I want to set the project's entire tone from the beginning. That's a tall order! In the process I've been forced to learn new techniques to make it look, sound, and feel as I want.


I've decided to go dark and mysterious, because I think the topic itself is mysterious. First, it's uncertain how far we can go with current technologies. Second, we don't know what tomorrow's technologies will be like. But most importantly, the realm of human consciousness is fundamentally one of mystery. I expect the developments that "Almost a Brain" covers will unveil some of those mysteries — likely only to reveal more. Thus, the dark tone.


This is actually the second trailer I created. The first was somewhat rushed, as if meeting a short deadline, and done in a style familiar from my ACM videos. But then I threw the whole thing away and started again. My entire process has had to change for this project — I think it's for the better, and hope the results demonstrate that.