Update: Eye-opening meetings at IDFA

(Sent to the project's mailing list.)


Welcome to the latest newsletter for Almost a Brain, a documentary in development about attempts to model the human brain in computers.

Dear friends of Almost a Brain,

I wrote three months ago that the project was "on hiatus". But while I'm not stirring the pot as hard, fermentation continues.

The interim saw me representing AAB at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), where I distributed flyers about the project. (Download here; contact me for printed copies.)

Making connections

In addition to attending talks about such things as distribution and co-production, I was fortunate to gain insights from some private meetings. Most notable were:

  • A Dutch consultant with extensive experience commissioning and producing documentaries for broadcast; and
  • An American producer with dozens of credits, who graciously provided private production documents for my education. 

Moving forward

My plans now include some behind-the-scenes development work based on what I learned at IDFA, and possibly shooting some preliminary interviews during an upcoming trip to the U.S..

As always, thanks for your interest and support. Stay tuned!