A documentary about being human

100 billion neurons. 100,000 billion connections. A billion billion operations per second. The numbers are incomprehensible. This is your brain.


Now, advances in supercomputers and artificial intelligence are spurring researchers to ask: Can we produce a complete, working model of the human brain in a computer?


Partial models have already given us better understanding of specific conditions such as addiction and depression. These models will grow and join together under the guidance of several large-scale projects until a complete brain emerges — a brain with unexpected properties.


We might never achieve this goal. But if we do — what then? Can these new brains be as general-purpose and integrated as ours? What differences will remain? Will our creations understand themselves as we do? Will they want? Will they feel? How will we revise our ideas of humanity?


Through original interviews and archival research, "Almost a Brain" intends to dive deep into three areas affecting — and affected by — this global endeavor: neurology, computer science, and philosophy. The goal is a feature-length documentary that engages, enlightens, and entertains about a topic that our species will face in the coming decade.